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Collected historical material about children’s achievements, culture, traditions of their region will be presented during the visits. After learning mobility project members will report the information to their school students about the events and activities which were implemented in other countries.

Students, supervised by teachers from each project partner school, will prepare the presentations of the collected stories, and they will be conveyed using various modern expressions of art. They will produce e-Journal “Children also may change the world” based on methodology and education. The teachers of History, Native language, Ethics, Art of all countries will publish lesson plans, lesson handouts and methodological recommendations in the e-Journal. The e-Journal will be produced in project partners’ native language and English. The project partners will produce a collective DVD with captions in English which includes presentations of stories collected during the project. Students reviving and enhancing historical memory will assess the present events more realistically.

The teachers will convey a satisfactory experience organizing formal and informal education: they will learn new methods, lesson planning forms, IT integration to school subjects by invoking these expressions of art (art, music, theatre and dance) to form historical memory. The teachers will acquire an intercultural competence, the competence of educational environment creation, students’ motivation and cooperation competence, student’s cognitive and progress appreciation competence, communicative and information control competence. Students and teachers participating in the project will communicate and cooperate in a virtual space.

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